Moving back into Marshall’s Mill

July 2 2020

Marshall's Mill

With many businesses wanting to return to the workplace, the time has come to provide all occupants of Marshall’s Mill with guidance on how we can maintain safety when returning to the Mill. Following careful review and risk assessment, we have discussed the best practices to keep socially distanced in accordance with Government guidelines.

We ask that all staff and visitors refrain from attending the site if either themselves or members of their household are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19.

We must politely reiterate the importance of adhering to this request.

In the event any cases are reported by either staff or visitors, please inform a member of the On-Site or Workman Team as soon as this is brought to your attention. You can find relevant contact information at the bottom of this blog.

Firstly, we ask that everyone entering the building to please sanitise your hands.

Free-standing Hand Sanitiser Station will be provided to help keep our workplace safe. You will find these visibly at the entrance to the premises and by the elevators (located in Marshall’s Mill and 1 Foundry Square). Hand sanitiser dispensers are also available for use on each floor landing.

Please note, the entrance doors will be kept open to increase the airflow throughout the area, and all reception furniture has been temporarily removed to discourage social gatherings. Visitor sign-in and out will still be required as will logging of visitor parking registration.

Although it is not mandatory, in accordance with Government guidelines, an option is for individuals to wear appropriate face coverings to reduce additional risk. However, this is solely to be at the discretion of the individual in question.

All occupants will have received a copy of the COVID 19 Re-Occupation Procedures which we have compiled for Marshall’s Mill. This document outlines the health and safety regulations that we have put in place to keep all office space, employees and visitors safe when returning to work.

This will include procedures for exiting the building and offices both between usual working hours (8am and 6pm) and outside usual hours (6pm and 8am). Use of one-way systems on corridors, stairwells and fires escapes will ensure adequate social distancing measures at all times. The elevators can still be used to make your way to any floor/office. Nonetheless, we will be ensuring that no more than one person will enter a lift any one time

Fire exits will also be used to keep the method of one-way travel.

Please ensure that adequate social distancing measures are adhered to at all times.

We can advise that appropriate measures have been made to common area toilets. This includes additional hand sanitiser dispensers available outside each washroom and additional spot cleaning. Closure of some cubicles and basins have been put in place to improve social distance.

Showers are self-contained within the Estate. However, due to the communal nature of this facility, additional cleans are taking place as a matter of course to ensure the highest standard of hygiene at this time.

Landlord Building Contractors are requested to adhere to the Coronavirus procedures.

We have asked for appropriate PPE to be worn at all times. Any breaches of this may be reported immediately for action to be taken. Landlord Contractors will be asked to use the ground floor toilets only. This is to provide tenants with the comfort of landlord contractors not using landing area toilets during working hours.

For more information and guidelines, please refer to the COVID 19 Re-Occupation Procedures document. This information is subject to review/amendment as we progress through these difficult times (in which case any review will be recirculated accordingly).

Any queries or concerns, please direct them to the On-Site or Workman Team:

Steve Hunter – Estates Manager / 07713 566118

Alexandra Bretten – Senior Associate / 07834 177353

Steven Howard – Estates Facilities Co-ordinator / 07713 566119

Lisa Ellen Riley – Front of House Receptionist & Events Co-ordinator / 0113 245 1620