Marshall’s Mill Typeface Knockout Results

July 27 2020

Recently, we held a Typeface knockout poll on Twitter, based on Lifehack’s most popular typeface list for the creatives on social media. 

According to Wikipedia, a typeface is the overall design of lettering; the design can include variations, such as extra bold, bold, regular, light, italic, condensed, extended, etc. Each of these variations of the typeface is a font.

Understanding typography is vital in logo design, and graphic design, and how it can impact your audience. According to the “picture superiority effect”, we are more likely to recall visual stimuli than anything else – suggesting if you want your brand to be remembered, you need to enhance its visual appeal, and that’s where typography psychology comes in. 

Did you know, many of our tenants are of a creative background, including marketing and graphic designers? 

Based on Lifehack’s most popular typeface list, our knockouts typeface contestants were: Helvetica, Gotham, Futura, Gill Sans, Rockwell, Franklin Gothic, Baskerville and Mrs Eaves.

In the first round, we lost Gill Sans to Futura, Helvetic to Gotham, Franklin Gothic to Rockwell and Mrs Eaves to Baskerville leaving them at the bottom tier. 

This left Futura, Gotham, Rockwell, and Baskerville in the semi-finals which resulted in the loss of Futura and Rockwell – it was a tough competition but Baskerville (54.4%) and Gotham (60%) took the final spots. When it came to the final, we expected it to be a close call between the final fonts but Gotham took the crown over 87% of the votes!

Marshall's Mill Font Knock out

Former industrial powerhouse Marshalls Mill, which is located to the south of Round Foundry,  is a compelling force for 21st-century businesses that are attracted by the beautifully designed interior which retains details from the past, coupled with ultra-fast fibre broadband and a contemporary workplace.

Creative companies including architects, artists, designers, film-makers, games developers and digital consultancies sit alongside advanced manufacturing and related industries – many trading across the globe – make up our tenants, to create a dynamic business neighbourhood. 

Did you enjoy this blog and our knock out poll? If you would like to see more knockouts, get in touch with us on Twitter and drop us a suggestion. Interested in becoming a tenant? Find out more information here.