Leeds Digital Festival: Going Digital at the Mill and Foundry

April 26 2019

Leeds Digital Festival is a fantastic two weeks, where the Leeds digital community come together to host hundreds of events showcasing the amazing work that is going on in the digital industry in the City.

As a main hub of the digital community in Leeds, we invited tenants, neighbours, and anybody interested in digital to join us for networking at Round Foundry Media Centre.

Attendees were also treated to three tenant guest speakers that really drove home the amazing work that is going on by organisations on the Round Foundry and Marshalls Mill estate.

Speakers included:

Guy Utley – Founder and Creative Director at Tall:
“What is brand digitisation?”

Chris Longfellow – Head of Business Development at Digital Velocity
“Why you don’t need to be the best at everything – using strategic partners to provide the best for your clients”.

Neil Muir, Managing Director at Blynk:
“Technology cannot fill the experience gap – how do we use physical and digital technology in-store to create unforgettable experiences?”

We had fantastic feedback from attendees and we’re looking forward to next year’s festival already!