How your workplace affects employee wellness and wellbeing

September 30 2020

Office trends have changed dramatically over the years. We’ve upgraded from cubicle-stuffed environments in the early 2000s to open-plan offices packed with fun features such as bars, pool tables and game consoles. 

While such office trends come and go, the impact that surroundings have on employee health and wellbeing do not. The environment in which employees spend their working lives is an essential source of job satisfaction and plays a key part on the impact on health, wellbeing, work motivation and patterns of interaction. 

Your workspace can be as much of a source of pressure as a heavy workload, poor work-life balance or significant organisational change. Employers must take employees comfort and physical wellbeing into consideration when looking for office space.

According to our recent survey, four in ten employees work in a company that does not offer healthy workplace benefits but would be more likely to stay longer at a company if they were to input workplace benefits improving health and wellbeing.

Promoting nutrition, hydration and wellbeing in your workplace benefit will help boost employee engagement.

Healthy lunch and snack providers are the most requested benefit (80%) employees want to see this in their workplace. Healthy eating and a well-balanced diet will help to reduce the risk of physical health problems like heart disease and diabetes; however, it also benefits the mind helping with sleeping patterns, energy levels, and mental health.

An employee wellness program aims to improve the overall health of a company’s employees. 

Half of our respondents claimed that employee wellbeing programmes would be a useful benefit in their workplace. Employee wellness programs include strategies that help to increase wellbeing and work to reduce stress by providing physical and mental health sessions offering information on nutrition or methods to manage work-life balance.

Additionally, Gallup has found when comparing adults thriving in just physical wellbeing to those thriving in all five elements (purpose, social, financial, community and physical), those thriving in all five aspects report 41% fewer unhealthy days, and are 81% less likely to look for a new job when the job market improves.

Employees are your businesses most significant asset. By investing in their talent, you are investing in sustainable business growth and success.

When asked, four in ten employees advised they would like to engage with training and development in the workplace or take part in a company training program. Virtual learning and courses are becoming a popular option, so where possible, it’s essential to provide employees with the resources and time to watch free external webinars/training courses. You can find resources with Open University and Linkedin Learning, or provide examples of relevant podcasts and books to read.

If you’re looking for the perfect office space in Leeds, Marshall’s Mill provides a range of benefits for tenants and their employees. With events (now incorporated digitally where possible) hosted monthly, we think it is important to provide activities that provide employees with a varied amount of resources. Whether it’s skills and development training, wellbeing webinars, meeting new people or fitness or food, there are events, competitions, and generally fun things happening monthly.

Onsite, you can find the perfect place to indulge your taste buds with healthy snacking and meals from the range of award-winning menus. To quench your thirst, our tenants provide some of the best Yorkshire ales, wines, coffee or fresh smoothies; there’s something to suit every taste.

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