Cycle to Work Day 2020: Marshall’s Mill

August 19 2020

Recently, we hosted our annual bike repair workshop in-line with Cycle To Work Day 2020 to support tenants commuting safely to work in Leeds.

With the government advising commuters to walk or cycle to keep socially distanced, rather than use public transport, to ensure tenants can commute safely, we invited Chris Hope of Hopey Bicycle Repairs to the mill again to repair tenants’ bicycles.

Luckily the weather stayed clear throughout, and many tenants arrived in their allocated time slots to adhere with government social distancing regulations. From chain to tyre repairs, Chris worked hard to tune-up and keep our bicycles safe and trouble-free. 

Did you miss out on our bike repair workshop? 

Before hitting the road, it’s always essential to make sure every bit of our bicycle is prepped and ready to go. Did you miss the workshop? Don’t worry, here’s a couple of tips that every cyclist — riding to work or taking part in the Tour de Yorkshire — should know.

Be prepped

Firstly, always be prepped. Every cyclist should own an essential toolkit to deal with any possible breakdowns. Things to include in your toolkit would be a tire pump with a pressure gauge, wrenches, spare inner tubes, a tire patch kit and a few new links, and lubricant.

Flat tyre?

Before looking for holes, check the tire pressure. To know your tyres are inflated correctly, make sure you know the intended air pressure range for each tire (usually printed on the smooth side of the tire). Use a bike pump to find the pressure. It’s important to avoid the use of air pumps at petrol stations as they are very powerful and can easily blow out small bicycle wheels.

If the tires start deflating right away, then you know it’s a puncture. It’s a good idea to travel with a spare inner tube in your essential toolkit, just in case. 

Check out how to fix a puncture with this quick video from Halfords.

Slipped chain?

A slipped-off chain can ruin any pleasant outing. If you’ve got your essential tool-kit, putting the chain back on is pretty simple. However, if the chain keeps falling off, it’s probably because the chain is too long for the bike frame.

Check out how to replace a bike chain with this step-by-step guide from Halfords.

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However, don’t fret! 

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